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February 20, 2015
Category: Cosmetic Procedure
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Now your Northeast Indianapolis dentist can offer a fast and accurate way to detect cavities.

Did you know that an incredible 92 percent of adults between the ages of 20 to 64 have dental cavities? Furthermore, about 26 percent of adults have untreated decay. When decay forms on the tooth it begins to eat away at the tooth’s enamel. If left untreated the decay can continue to grow and weaken the tooth. To prevent serious, irreparable damage, the sooner we can detect cavities the easier treatment will be. That’s why your Northeast Indianapolis dentist is happy to offer a fast and accurate way to detect even the smallest cavities.

What Is DIAGNOdent?

While cavities can sometimes be detected just by examining your tooth or by running X-rays, the most reliable, sensitive and accurate way to detect cavities in your smile is with DIAGNOdent. This handheld laser can painlessly pick up even the smallest dental caries that other traditional methods can’t.

How Does DIAGNOdent Work?

This device uses specific wavelengths to detect the presence of bacteria or changes within the structure of the tooth. When a tooth is healthy no fluorescence will appear, which will produce a very low reading on the monitor; however, issues like decay emit a fluorescence that the DIAGNOdent machine can pick up with a higher reading. The DIAGNOdent also emits an auditory signal that changes when cavities are detected.

What Are the Advantages of Getting DIAGNOdent?

First and foremost, this is a non-invasive way to detect the presence of decay. It only takes a couple of minutes and can be performed by your Northeast Indianapolis dentist during your next routine exam.

Furthermore, it is extremely accurate, offering 90 percent accuracy when it comes to detecting dental decay. For patients who don’t like to imaging tests, this is a great way to check the health of your teeth without needing to expose them to X-rays.

Dental cavities can happen to anyone, but luckily we are able to detect them right away when you schedule a routine visit. If it’s time for your next six-month dental visit, then call Dr. Jack Nicewander.

By Jack Nicewander DDS
January 27, 2015
Category: Cosmetic Procedure
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There is some exciting new technology at your dentist office! Jack Nicewander, D.D.S. in Northeast Indianapolis wants to share with you some of the things you may be seeing in his office.


iTero is a small hand-held wand that is used to scan your teeth. The wand precisely captures the individual nooks and crannies of each tooth. It creates a 3D virtual model of your teeth. The most exciting part is that iTero is used in place of taking traditional impressions. Why is this exciting?

  • iTero is much more comfortable than traditional impressions. iTero eliminates the gagging and the goopy mess involved with taking impressions that can cause anxiety and discomfort.
  • iTero scanning takes much less time than impressions so you can get on with the rest of your day.
  • iTero provides a more accurate model of your teeth. This provides for a better fit for your comfort and no need for re do's.
  • iTero's images are immediately available for review between you and your dentist so you can make the best decisions possible.
  • iTero makes it possible for you to complete crowns, veneers, and fillings in one office visit.
Intra-Oral Cameras
Intra-oral cameras have a small camera on the end of a dental wand and the images can be seen on a video screen. Why is this exciting?
  • It enables you to see what the dentist is seeing and gives you a greater understanding of what work may need to be done.
  • It can also help you to understand why and where you may need to practice better oral hygiene.
  • The camera magnifies the image so you have a good quality image on the screen. Because of the magnification, it can also catch potential problems sooner.
  • The image can be captured so that a condition can be monitored over time for changes.
  • The wand is small so there is no discomfort for you.
Are you ready to take part in the latest dental technology and have a more comfortable dental experience? Then don't hesitate to contact Dr. Nicewander at his Northeast Indianapolis office today! Call (317) 842-1903 to make an appointment.
By Dr. Nicewander
December 16, 2014
Category: Cosmetic Procedure
Smile ImageThe American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reported that close to 50 percent of people believe that a smile is the most memorable feature, and about 45 percent believe that a smile is one of the most attractive features a person can have. This alone proves that a healthy smile certainly goes a long way. If you’re thinking about giving yourself a smile makeover, here are some of the most popular cosmetic dentistry options we offer in northeast Indiana:

Teeth Whitening

If commercial products just aren’t cutting it, it might be time to consider professional teeth whitening. This procedure is particularly effective against yellowing teeth. Plus, when you come into the office for this treatment, we can properly protect your gums from bleaching agents (something that’s more challenging when you’re doing this at home). The bleaching gel is placed on the teeth for about 15 minutes at a time, and then a special laser is directed at your teeth to activate the bleaching gel. In about an hour we can get teeth up to 10 shades brighter. With the proper care, teeth whitening can last a year or even several.

Dental Veneers

If you have minor gaps or overcrowding, chips, cracks or other dental flaws, you may be looking for a way to hide these little problem areas. Now you can with dental veneers. These small porcelain shells adhere to the front of your teeth to give you a pristine smile. First we will shave down a tiny bit of your natural tooth’s enamel to make room for the veneers. Then we will match the veneers to the rest of your smile and affix them to the front of your teeth using a special resin. Then a laser beam hardens the resin material to give you a permanently renewed smile.
Just remember that because we do have to shave down some enamel, this process isn’t considered reversible.

Cosmetic Bonding

This is the most economic and non-invasive way to change your smile. Cosmetic bonding uses the same tooth-colored resin that is used to fill cavities. By shaping and molding this resin, we can easily cover chips and minor cracks, and even close small gaps between teeth. While bonding doesn’t fix more major dental problems, it can be a wonderful option for someone looking to improve their smile.
These are only some of the cosmetic treatments we offer. To find out more about our services or to schedule an appointment, call us today.

When we were children we couldn’t wait to grow up. However, now that we’re adults we might stare into the mirror wondering who that person is that’s staring back at us. Sure, we might still feel like that child of ten, but we certainly don’t look like it anymore.

If you feel that your face could use a little lift but face lifts and other more invasive treatments have you reconsidering, then it’s time to see how dermal fillers could give you the younger-looking skin you want without surgery.


Botox has been FDA-approved to treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles including frown lines, crown’s feet and those pesky wrinkles between the eyebrows. Botox injections contain acetylcholine, a chemical that stops muscles from contracting, thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This treatment only takes about 10-15 minutes to administer, it’s virtually painless and you can start to see results after about one to two days (with the full effects showing up after 30 days). Plus, there is no recovery period or downtime necessary after treatment, which makes this an ideal option for those with busy schedules. The results last anywhere from 5-9 months, and some patients will opt for more treatments to keep up their vibrant, new appearance.


This injectable is also FDA-approved to treat and minimize deep facial folds and wrinkles. Dermafill uses hyaluronic acid—a sugar molecule found in most living things—which means that this product is natural. Since this product uses natural materials to promote younger-looking skin, there is less chance of side effects or allergic reactions. Just like Botox, dermafill injections plump skin and added volume and smoothness to the face to make you appear more youthful. Treatment only takes about 15 minutes, and the results last for about a year.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the cosmetic treatments we offer in Northeast Indianapolis, we would love to chat with you. Call us to set up an appointment or stop by our office to find out more. It’s never too late to give your skin a healthy makeover.

November 06, 2014
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Millions of people use Botox to achieve a more relaxed and smiooth facial appearance while still having the freedom of expression. Combining this with teeth whitening, short term orthodontics, or porcelain veneers, you will have a considerably more youthful appearance quickly.

Millions of people also suffer from TMJ syndrome, chronic migraine, headaches and other types of facial pain.  You may have tried a number of different treatments for pain relief that have had little success.  Botox can be very effective in treatment of facial pain disorder when used in conjunction with other treatments.  

Botox is an FDA approved purified protein which is injected into the targeted muscles and temporarily blocks nerve signals that cause muscle movements, essentially relaxing the muscles which reduce or eliminates fine wrinkles and lines.  Within 3 - 5 days of the Botox injections, the treated facial muscles become temporarily relaxed, causing the overlying skin to lay flat and unwrinkled.  The untreated facial muscles contract in normal fashion allowing facial expressions to be unaffected.  The injections only take a few minutes and will remain effective for approximately 3 months.  With regular treatments, Botox can help train your facial muscles to reduce wrinkles and facial pain for longer periods of time.

Dental professionals are highly trained in the entire anatomy of the head and neck as well as the oral cavity.  We can administer your treatments with exceptional acuracy and precision.  Because Botox is a temporary treatment, for your convenience, these treatments can be scheduled to coincide with your routine dental hygiene appointment.


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