Meet The Team

Robin Freeman, Practice Manager, Dental Sleep Coordinator
I have had the great pleasure of being a part of Dr. Jack's team for close to 30 years! Not many people can say that they truly love going to work everyday, but I am one of them! Sure, there have been moments that have been challenging, but seeing the smiling faces that come into our office every day makes everything worthwhile. 

For the past 4 years I've transitioned to being our Dental Sleep Coordinator full time, which is why you no longer see me at the front desk. Dr. Jack has made it his mission to screen all of our patients for sleep breathing disorders after we lost a few patients as a direct result of untreated sleep apnea. When he's doing the exam, he's also looking at your airway, tongue and teeth to see signs of possible breathing disorder. When he asks you if you snore or feel rested, he's not just being nosy! If he has any suspicions, he will send you over to my office for a more thorough airway evaluation and screening. This process has helped to get many of our patients tested, diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea that otherwise had no idea. A diagnosis does not mean an automatic love/hate relationship with a CPAP machine - there are alternative treatments using an oral appliance that work wonderfully for many people and Dr. Jack is the one who can make that for you. It's been very rewarding to know what we're doing improves the quality and saves peoples' lives. 

My family still keeps me busy when I'm not at work. My husband and I have now been married for almost 39 years. Our big kids Blake (Kim) and Abbey (Will) are excelling in their chosen careers and we love nothing more than to spend time with them. Our five grandkids (Dallas 13, Wyatt 10, Bella 9, Carter 7 and Vivian 3) are growing up fast and make life so much sweeter. They are involved in everything under the sun and keep us all on our toes! I am truly blessed beyond anything I could have imagined. 

Stick your head in my office and say "hi" next time you're in - I always look forward to catching up with you! If you need anything or have any questions about your sleep health, you know where to find me! 

Anette Brown, Expanded Dental Assistant

Hello! I'm your friendly dental assistant! I graduated from Walker Career Center in 1989 and went to South Bend Dental Arts to practice expanded duties. I really enjoy helping my patients create beautiful smiles. This career has allowed me to keep in touch with my artistic side, because smile design is definitely an art. I have been helping Dr. Jack put smiles on patients' faces for over 20 years. Together, we have made a lot of people very happy and confident with their new dental makeovers. One day, I'd love to have given every single patient in our practice the beautiful smile they deserve! Our office has become a second home to me and my co-workers and patients are like a second family, whom I love seeing every day.

My job keeps me very busy, but my home life keeps me hopping! My real family consists of my 4 children. Aubrielle is 16, Carlienna is 15, Jeston, age 14 and Shanye, age 12.  Put these all together and I've got one happy, hectic home! Dare I even mention our two, sweet Shitzu dogs, Gizzy and Sissy? Our family enjoys the outdoors; camping, fishing and motorcycling. The kids are involved in school sports and other activities that keeps transporting them all very interesting!


Mary Clegg, Expanded Dental Assistant

I joined Dr. Nicewander as a Certified and Expanded Dental Assistant in 2005. I graduated from the University of Louisville, which is where I'm from and most of my family still lives. I always new I wanted to be in the medical profession, but didn't decide on the dental field until my second year of college and I'm so glad I was led in this direction. I take great pride in providing the best patient care possible and knowing that I helped to restore a patient to their optimal dental health is so rewarding for me. The dental field is ever changing and my job is a continual learning process. The technology and practices are always advancing and we strive to keep at the top of the field by taking advanced courses and attending seminars on a regular basis. One of the best things about being in Dr. Jack's office is getting to meet our great patients. You are all so nice and interesting and I enjoy spending time with you - even though my hands are in your mouth most of the time!

I moved to the Indianapolis area about 17 years ago. I have two daughters who have grown into beautiful young women and become my best friends. Sarah is 27 and is the mother of my first and only grandson, James.  He is 3 years old and the light in my life!  Allison is 25 and keeps very busy working. We all enjoy spending time together- shopping, going out to dinner and White Water rafting on our annual trips to West Virginia.



Jennifer DeFosse, Dental Hygienist

Hi, I'm Jennifer and I've been a dental hygienist for 23 years. Twelve years ago I was lucky enough to be a substitute hygienist for Dr. Nicewander and knew I had found my home dental office. I feel very privileged to work with a team that not only impress me with their talents, but have become my dear friends.

I grew up in Bedford, where all of my family still lives. Early on I knew I wanted a career in health care, and was fortunate to be guided towards dental hygiene. A few years ago I completed my Public Health degree primarily to open up the opportunity to teach at the dental school. Clinical dental hygiene is my preference since I love working with each patient and helping them with their individual needs. Helping someone get the healthy smile they want and deserve is very rewarding.

As for my free time, I enjoy keeping active biking, hiking, gardening, cheering on the Colts with friends and traveling. The rest of the time is spent with the two loves of my life - my neice Clara and my nephew Calvin.

I look forward to seeing and working with all of you for years to come.


Katerina Willis, Dental Hygienist

I came to Indianapolis from Riga, Latvia in 1998 with a Bachelors degree in business. I had no knowledge of the dental hygiene profession since preventive dentistry did not exist in my native country (I had never even seen dental floss until I moved to the U.S. at age 21). Dentistry, to me, was always associated with pain and suffering, since regular check ups and cleaning were not done and anesthesia was not used. Needless to say, I accumulated a multitude of dental issues by the time I got here. With the help of some exceptional dental care that I received upon coming to Indianapolis, I was able to get my teeth and gums healthy. Additionally, I learned how to maintain my oral health by proper home care and regular cleanings. Through all the negative experiences I suffered, I learned how important preventive care was and decided to dedicate four years of my life to studying dental hygiene and learning how to instill its' importance upon others. Therefore, I never take prevention for granted. I always take pride in my work and will take the time necessary to educate my patients on ways to help them stay healthy for life. I believe: "If you want to feed a person for one day, give him fish; but if you want to feed him for life, teach him how to fish". It is such a great feeling to know you serve a purpose and improve someone's life on a daily basis! I can truly say that I look forward to seeing my patients and taking care of them every day I come to work.

I recently just purchased my first home and have been having so much fun making it my own! I appreciate art and music and have created some of my own art pieces. My mother still lives in Latvia, but visits me whenever she can and I have a sister who lives in Arizona. Although I have no family close by, I have many friends in Indianapolis who have become my surrogate family and we enjoy spending with each other.



Cherish Cates, Dental Hygienist






Abby Jackson, Dental Hygienist


Jenna Musser, Front Desk Coordinator and Billing Specialist 

Hello! I’m Jenna and I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Nicewander and team in various positions for 8 years now. I graduated in 2004 from Walker Career Center and started working full time while going to IU East where I earned my degree. I started in 2011 with Dr. Nicewander as a dental assistant and helped at the front desk when needed. After learning and mastering insurance, I became full time up front. I took a short leave to stay home with my children until they were in school and am happy to be back again full time. I just can’t stay away! I’ve been married to my husband, Justin, for 10 years. We have two amazing children together, Makenna, (8) and Mason (5) and three furry children Zoey (lab), Demi & Ellie (both Dobermans).

When not in the office you will find our family camping or at the ballpark! Makenna has played softball for 4 seasons and Mason is wrapping up his first one! Our family loves camping all over the state in our camper where we can hike, boat and hang out with friends.  



Kari Kuper, Patient Services Coordinator 

When you walk in our practice, I am likely the first face you will see! Always looking forward to greeting our patients with a warm welcome. I have had the pleasure of working here for almost three years however have been around the practice for many, many more. I am Dr. Nicewander’s oldest daughter and absolutely love being able to work with my Dad every day. I graduated Indiana University in 2004 with a bachelor’s degree in exercise science/kinesiology and minor in nutrition. I left the corporate world when I was pregnant with my second child looking for a slower pace position that would allow me to fully concentrate on being a mother. Joining my Dad was the best move I could have ever made and count my blessings daily I am here!

My husband, Scott, and I will be celebrating 14 years of marriage this summer – times flies when you are having fun! Scott is a Chiropractor and owns his own practice, Premiere Performance Chiropractic. I am in the office three days a week allowing me two extra days a week to play with our kiddos! We have two daughters, Allie Jane (4) and Claire Ann (3). They are the light of my life and while they keep us busy have allowed my dream of always being a mom to come true. Our family wouldn’t be complete without Lilly, our 6 year old sweet pit bull/boxer rescue dog. On the weekends you will find our family playing outside no matter the season. We love the snow just as much as the summer sun! The girls have grown up and love our trips down to my parents’ cabin in Brown County. Its our happy place and we get there as often as possible. Our family is also very involved and serves most Sundays at our church, Mercy Road.